Open Searchmercials Metatag Generator

  • Important: The canonical URL of your searchmercial will its permanent ID (duplicates are NOT allowed in Searchmercials system). This value must match the actual URL where metatags reside.
  • 1. Enter Your URL

    A URL to a business (homepage, about us, mission, company information), a product, a service, an event, a reference, entertainment, a classified listing, or gevernmental agency.
  • Select the searchmercial type that best relates the the content of the URL. Ask your self the following question; Is this a company page, a product page, a service page, an event etc.

    There are only two options for the is_adult metatag true or false. Although it is not allowed to display mature content in Searchmercials (adult searchmercials should be done tastefully) we MUST be careful NOT to use Call For Action that will lead minors to mature content or subject matter. Mature content relates to nudity, porn, weapons, violence, crime, profanity, mature subjects, mature content, as well as other searchmercial types, topics and subject matter that may be considered for mature audiences over the age of 18.