About Searchmercial

Start Reaching Your Customers At The Point Of Search With Searchmercials

Users searching the web are in "Information Gathering Mode", this presents a perfect opportunity to present your company, products and services as needed and welcome information with the power of audio and video and a call for action will guarantee you results.

Searchmercials are defined as "audio and video content that appear in direct response to a predefined or user defined criteria leading to one or more calls for action". Searchmercials can appear in search results by search engines or directories with one or more calls for action, in contextual ads, in display ads and always provide a call for action. The difference between a commercial and a searchmercial is that a commercial is intended for branding purposes and brand retention and does not call or provide a call for action, whereas a Searchmercial, on the other hand, is requested by a defined or predefined criteria and leads to a call for action. A searchmercial can be audio or video and is represented in text, image, audio or video or any combination of the same.

We excel at helping you sell your products and services!

Searchmercials is the search advertising division of World Wide Broadcast Network, Inc., a developer of broadcasting technology systems for the Internet. We continue to lead the charge in interactive ways to do online audio and video advertising, connecting advertisers with consumers every day.

Unlike standard Pay Per Click, text-based search advertising systems, Searchmercials use a proprietary technology that enables you to communicate the benefits of your company, product, or service with the high "WOW" impact of audio and video and enhance your message with one or more calls for action.